Breeding Seed Stock Females

We are pleased to offer a selection of Seed Stock Females:

Sunny Mesa'a Augusta

Medium Fawn, Female

DOB: 08/29/2002

Sire: MFI Brock

    Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto
    Dam: PRA Belinda
        Sire: PPeruvian Leon
        Dam: Peruvian Gabriela
Dam: Columbia River's Summer Rain
    Sire: PPeruvian Guido
    Dam: Bella Mia

Augusta is our #1 Top Producer at Timber Lodge Alpacas.  She produced our Aviator's Aurora, Aviator's Nike, Chaccoyo's Highland Lass, and that special guy Pacu Chaccoyo.  Augusta brings the wonderful blend of genetics that helped build our breeding program.  Augusta's fleece is very soft and very dense at the same time.  She also has a distinctive head and compact body style.  Augusta enjoyed success on the show circuit when she was younger, and her fleeces continued to win during the following years.  We have chosen to withdraw her from competitions, focusing instead on producing her excellent crias.  For our breeding program, Augusta has produced two crias by Aviator, and two by Snowmass Chaccoyo, and will breed with Snowmass Matrix Freedom in the future.  Each cria is a quality animal with distinctive characteristics, building on a similar theme.

We have enjoyed using Augusta to set the standard for our breeding program over the past several years.  Today we can use her offspring to continue that trend.

Price: ASK

Aviator's Aurora

White, Female
DOB: 9/17/2007

Sire: High Plains Aviator (dual registry Canada/US)
     Sire: HFL Super Sam (dual registry Canada/US)

     Dam: HP Avia

          Sire: PPeruvian Javier
          Dam: Lo Lady Locksley
Dam: Sunny Mesa's Augusta
     Sire: MFI Brock
          Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto
          Dam: PRA Belinda
               Sire: PPeruvian Leon
               Dam: Peruvian Gabriela
     Dam: Columbia River's Summer Rain
          Sire: PPeruvian Guido
          Dam: Bella Mia


We think so much of Aurora, she has her own page.
Go here to see Aurora's page.

Price: $5,000

Soleado's Andean Nightingale

Medium Fawn, Female
DOB: 9/15/2007
Sire: Snowmass Andean Night
     Sire: Snowmass Andean Bronze
          Sire: 4Peruvian Andean Gold
          Dam: PPPeruvian Croixen 4736
     Dam: 5Peruvian Tapara 8421
Dam: MS Primadonna
     Sire: 6Peruvian Accoyo Godfather 61 IMPR 98
     Dam: MS Prima

          Sire: 4Peruvian Accoyo Macusani 6034

          Dam: Princess Codi W955

Nightingale brings a new line of Snowmass genetics into our herd. We initially selected Nightingale's sire, Andean Night, for our black female, Stars at Night, but decided to acquire one of his offspring instead. The color in Nightingale's background works well with our herd, and her mixture of exceptional genes adds an extra dimension to our breeding program. Nightingale produced a wonderful medium brown male in 2010, sired by Incan XXXtreme, which we named Incan Maxxx. Nightingale's next cria, a male sired by our Snowmass Matrix Freedom, was born in November 2012, and is named Freedom's Valor.  Nightingale was next bred to Albus, and delivered a wonderful White female cria we  named Pecos Lil.

Price: $7,000

Zindel's Hot Toddy

Medium Fawn, Female
DOB: 11/10/2009
Sire: Windrush Jennifer's Zindel
     Sire: Dom Lucilio
          Sire: PPPeruvian Royal Fawn
          Dam: PPPeruvian Finesse
     Dam: Enchantment's Peruvian Jennifer
          Sire: Peruvian Fabio
          Dam: Peruvian Soloman's Pride
               Sire: Peruvian King Soloman
               Dam: Peruvian Cody's Doll
Dam: Ameripaca's Theresa
     Sire: Acero Marka's Bobby
     Dam: Uber's Trixi

Toddy is a big, strong, beautiful "vicuna colored" female, and she is packing some heat! Look at that packed pedigree with Dom Lucilio's background, and Jennifer's as well. Toddy's dam, Ameripaca's Theresa, is simply a wonderful mother and always produces a great cria emphasizing the best of the sire's characteristics. Toddy lost her 2016 breeding and was rebred for a Spring 2017 delivery.  Hot Toddy is priced to sell!

Price: $7,000

Chaccoyo's Bonny Lass

White, Female
DOB: 4/04/2010
Sire: Snowmass Chaccoyo
     S: Snowmass Legacy Gold
         S: 4Peruvian Legacy
         D: Neve's Lua
     D: Snowmass Victorian Dream
         S: 5Peruvian Chaccu
         D: Snowmass Victorian Glow
            S: PPeruvian Victor
            D: Snowmass Golden Glow
Dam: Aviator's Aurora
     S: High Plains Aviator (dual registry Canada/US)
          S: HFL Super Sam (dual registry Canada/US)

          D: HP Avia

               S: PPeruvian Javier
               D: Lo Lady Locksley
     D: Sunny Mesa's Augusta
          S: MFI Brock
               S: PPPeruvian Augusto
               D: PRA Belinda
                    S: PPeruvian Leon
                    D: Peruvian Gabriela
          D: Columbia River's Summer Rain
               S: PPeruvian Guido
               D: Bella Mia
Chaccoyo's Bonny Lass is a great example of the direction we intended to go when we started our breeding program at Timber Lodge Alpacas.  Let's look at her pedigreee.  On top we have the outstanding genetic support from Snowmass Chaccoyo with all the depth and strength of the Snowmass program, and below we have the rare and elite US/Canadian influence from the High Plains program, and MFI Brock's background, including the great Augusto.  What else could we want?  Bonny is just as her name implies, a truely beautiful female, and she brings all that depth and strength of her ancestry to our herd.  Bright white, very fine and extremly dense describes Bonny's fleece character.  Saddly, we lost her sire, Chaccoyo, in 2010, so a repeat breeding will not be on the horizon.  However, we still have Bonny to help carry the torch into the future.  While I am disinclined to sell her, Mary told me I had to put a price on her. (The photo is not as recent as it should be, so I will work on that.)  In Spring 2016, Bonny delivered a White female cria we named Freedom's Victoria.

Price: $9,000

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