Aviator's Aurora

Aviator's Aurora

White, Female
DOB: 09/17/2007
Sire: High Plains Aviator (Canada/US)
     Sire: HFL Super Sam (Canada/US)
     Dam: HP Avia
Dam: Sunny Mesa's Augusta
     Sire: MFI Brock
          Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto
               Sire: PPeruvian Leon
     Dam: Columbia River's Summer Rain
          Sire: PPeruvian Guido

As you can see, Aurora brings a blend of genetics like no other.  From the rare and elite Canadian genetics on top, to MFI Brock and his lineup including the US classics Augusto, Leon, and Guido below. Aurora is a masterpiece of genetic planning.  She was born to Augusta at Lavender Fields in Colorado, before coming to Texas.   We saw a few photos of her right after the birth, and knew we had to take the trip.  We met them both when Aurora was only three weeks old, and were astonished at what we saw (photo below). 

Our very first white alpaca, and a beautiful female at that!  She had a very distinctive head, which was a gift from both parents, wonderfully soft  and dense fiber with serious character, and very strong conformation, even as a cria.  She looked like what we wanted our breeding program to produce every time.  We were very happy with this acquisition and birth, and our cheeks were sore from all the smiling during that trip. 

Since arriving in Texas, we are certain Aurora thinks she lives in an oven, now.  Aurora has given us wonderful crias, and is a very good match for our Snowmass Matrix Freedom.  Aurora is currently open.


I can't imagine our herd without her, but if pressed, I suppose I could put a price on her.

Price:  5,000

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AOA (Alpaca Owners Assn.)

TxOLAN (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico)

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