Unproven Males, and Male Crias

We are pleased to offer a selection of Unproven Males and Male Crias:

TLA Turbo

Light Brown, Male
DOB: 12/26/2010
Sire: Prince Regent's Treasure of Airlie
     Sire: Enchantment's Prince Regent
         S: PPPeruvian Yupanqui 6018
         D: Enchanment's Peruvian Jennifer
             S:Peruvian Fabio
     Dam: Ameripaca's Theresa
         S: Acero Marka's Bobby
         D: Uber's Trixi
(For a complete description go to Airlie's page)
Dam: Xcella
     Sire: DPA Quetzal
         Sire: PPeruvian Timoteo G4565
         Dam: PPPeruvian Cornus 4722
     Dam: Pine Ridge Alpacas Sienna
         Sire: Peruvian Gold Rush G180
         Dam: Ms. Coco
             Sire: SA Emperado
TLA Turbo is the "spittin' image" of his sire, Airlie, and that is fine with us.  While Turbo is unproven as a breeder, he exhibits many of the desireable characteristics from his distinguished ancestry.  Turbo has a large, straight frame, and beautiful fleece.  His light brown color is bright, with high frequency crimp, similar to Airlie's.  Turbo is too closely related to our breeding program to be used here.  If you are looking for a nice male to build a "starter herd" before jumping into the deep end, Turbo would work well in that situation.

Price: $1,000

Andean Dark Night

True Black, Male
DOB: 12/04/2010

Sire: Snowmass Andean Night

     S: Snowmass Andean Bronze
          S: 4Peruvian Andean Gold
          D: PPPeruvian Croixen
     D: 5Peruvian Tapara
Dam: Ameripaca's Theresa
     S: Acero Marka's Bobby
     D: Uber's Trixi
          S: Uber's Diamond
          D: Uber's Tina Maria
Andean Dark Knight is a half-brother to our Treasure of Airlie, as they share a dam.  Knight would be a good companion to Turbo for addition to a starter herd situation.

Price: $1,000

Omega One's Challenger

Light Fawn, Male
DOB: 4/13/2012
Sire: Omega One
     S: Snowmass Snowmaster's Omega
          S: Peruvian Snowmaster
          D: PPPeruvian Chastity
     D: Ember's Galadriel
          S: 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite
          D: Crescent Moon's Ember
               S: 4Peruvian Legacy
               D: Vislubio's Blazing Promise
Dam: Aviator's Aurora
     S: High Plains Aviator
          S: HFL Super Sam
               S: Coyo Destini
               D: Jolimont Peruvian Sandia
          D: HP Avia
               S: PPeruvian Javier
               D: Lo Lady Locksley
     D: Sunny Mesa's Augusta
          S: MFI Brock
               S: PPPeruvian Augusto
               D: PRA Belinda
          D: Columbia River's Summer Rain
               S: PPeruvian Guido
               D: Belle Mia
Challenger is a wonderful example of the blending of genetics.  From his sire's strong Snowmass influence, including Legacy and Snowmaster, to his dam's connection to the rare US/Canadian Super Sam and his offspring Aviator.  Challenger exhibits extremely fine fleece with outstanding structure and bold crimp, as well as stunning brightness. 

Price: ASK

Freedom's Valor

Light Brown, Male
DOB: 12/__/2012
Sire: Snowmass Matrix Freedom
     S: Snowmasss Matrix
          S: Snowmass Quechua
               S: 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite
               D: Snowmass Maree Love
                    S: Peruvian Hemingway
                    D: Peruvian Lace
          D: Snowmass Legacy's Lass
               S: 4Peruvian Legacy
               D: Little Miss Jennifer
                    S: PPPeruvian Cahuide
                    D: Bueno's Margarita
     D: Snowmass Lady Liberty
          S: Snowmass Royal Reserve
               S: Snowmass Royal Rose
                    S: Peruvian Hemingway
                    D: Snowmass Rose Pearl
               D: Snowmass Cangalli Rose
                    S: Peruvian Snowmaster
                    D: 5Peruvian Cangali
          D: Snowmass EVOQ
               S: 5Peruvian Chaccu

               D: PPPeruvian Marylu

Dam: Soleado's Andean Nightingale

     S: Snowmass Andean Night
          S: Snowmass Andean Bronze
               S: 4Peruvian Andean Gold
               D: PPPeruvian Croixen 4736
          D: 5Peruvian Tapara 8421
     D: MS Primadonna
          S: 6Peruvian Accoyo Godfather 61 IMPR 98
          D: MS Prima

               S: 4Peruvian Accoyo Macusani 6034

               D: Princess Codi W955
When you look at Freedom's Valor's ancestry you will find some of the same genetics as we have in other members of our breeding program, and that is intentional.  You see Accoyo Elite, Peruvian Hemingway, Legacy, Snowmaster, and Chaccu.  Add to that the influence from Snowmass Andean Night and you will see what we have been building toward.  Valor contains some of the most elite excellence we have been able to produce, however, Valor is too close to our genetics to be useful to our program.  He will find much more value in another breeding program - maybe yours. 
Freedom's Valor was born with noticable fineness and density, distinctive crimp and brightness to his fleece, and a confident air about his personality.  Valor's legs are very straight and strong.  Valor has  become a "macho" of significant quality.  I find it difficult to put a price on him.

Price: $8,000

Dolcetta's cria, left side

Constantine of TLA

White, Male
DOB: 6/__/2015
Sire: Sunny Mesa's Tuscan Gold
     S: MFI Brock
          S: PPPeruvian Augusto 6009
          D: PRA Belinda
               S: PPeruvian Leon
               D: Peruvian Gabriela W919
     D: Lionheart's Fawn
          S: 4Peruvian Starr Kahn
          D: Derwydd Peruvian Coya
               S: Peruvian Hemingway G171
               D: PPeruvian Elvira B4221

Dam: Corazon's Dolcetta di Bella Vita

     S: El Corazon di Bella Vita
          S: NWA, LTD Haldane
               S:  Peruvian Hemingway G171
               D: PPeruvian Esmeralda B4244
                    S: Cocoa Puffe
                         S: Sonny S124
                         D: Madonna A059
                              D:  Shelley Fabares C252
                    D:  Centaur's Darcy
                         S: Centaur
                              S: PCA Peruvian Microsoft
                                   S: PPeruvian Camilo G4561
                                   D: PPPeruvian Flirtation 5059
                              D: Peruvian Chie
                                   S: PPPeruvian Dracula 6016
                                   D: PPPeruvian Melody 4906
                         D: SF Audena
                              S: Auden
                                   S:PPPeruvian Legend 6008
                                   D: NWA, LTD Brownie
                              D: Kiki
                                   S: Chivay
                                   D: Saltspring Miharo
We acquired Dolcetta, who is Constantine's dam, as a seed stock production partner for our Snowmass Matrix Freedom.  That combination will add excellence to our herd, and allow us to continue to grow in show competition and the finest grade fleece production. 
          Dolcetta's cria, fleece
You can see, from the unshorn cria fleece, the absolutely stunning quality, character and brightness this male carries.  From his photo above, you can see the massive bone and straight, erect stance this young male exhibits.  We expect a new herdsire is on the horizon and he will extend his impact for years to come.  Look for breeding opportunities beginning in Fall of 2018.

Price: $7,000

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