Maidens and Female Crias

We are pleased to offer a selection of Maiden Females and Female Crias:

Freedom's Belle

Dark Fawn, Female
DOB: 3/14/2012
Sire:  Snowmass Matrix Freedom
     Sire: Snowmasss Matrix
          S: Snowmass Quechua
               S: 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite
               D: Snowmass Maree Love
                    S: Peruvian Hemingway
                    D: Peruvian Lace
          D: Snowmass Legacy's Lass
               S: 4Peruvian Legacy
               D: Little Miss Jennifer
                    S: PPPeruvian Cahuide
                    D: Bueno's Margarita
     Dam: Snowmass Lady Liberty
          S: Snowmass Royal Reserve
               S: Snowmass Royal Rose
                    S: Peruvian Hemingway
                    D: Snowmass Rose Pearl
               D: Snowmass Cangalli Rose
                    S: Peruvian Snowmaster
                    D: 5Peruvian Cangali
          D: Snowmass EVOQ
               S: 5Peruvian Chaccu

               D: PPPeruvian Marylu

Dam:  Aviator's Aurora
     Sire: High Plains Aviator (Dual Registry: US/Canada)
          Sire: HFL Super Sam (DualRegistry:US/Canada)       
          Dam: HP Avia
      Dam: Sunny Mesa's Augusta
          Sire: MFI Brock
              Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto
                  Sire: PPeruvian Leon
          Dam: Columbia River's Summer Rain
              Sire: PPeruvian Guido
Born in Spring 2012, Belle is one of Freedom's first crop of crias at TLA.  As you can see from her genetic background, Belle has some spectacular ancestry, which provides her with high potential as an individual and as a breeder.  Her compact size is reminiscent of both her parents.  Belle's fleece qualities follow her Dam in color, and her sire, Freedom, in fineness, brightness and consistency.  She has a high frequency, moderate amplitude crimp style which shows well, and processes easily into high quality yarns.  Belle is currently an open maiden, and we plan a Spring 2017 breeding to our Incan Maxxx.

Price: $5,000

Tuscan's White Rose di Bella Vita

Beige, Female
DOB: 09/21/2014

Sire:  Sunny Mesa's Tuscan Gold
     Sire: MFI Brock
          S: PPPeruvian Augusto 6009
          D: PRA Belinda
               S: PPeruvian Leon G4560
               D: Peruvian Gabriela W919

     Dam:  Lionheart's Fawn
          S: 4Peruvian Starr Khan 6003
          D: Derwydd Peruvian Coya
               S: Peruvian Hemingway G171
               D: PPeruvian Elvira B4221
Dam: Demi Rose
     S: FRA Royal Rose's Maximum
          S: Snowmass Royal Rose
               S: Peruvian Hemingway G171
               D: Snowmass Rose Pearl
          D: CCNF Starlight Angel
               S: CCNF Archangel
               D: Snowmass Starlight
     D: Peruvian Demetria
          S: Xanadu P. Tabriz
               S: Peruvian Presidio
               D: 5Peruvian Dona Jaci 8600
          D: FRA Peruvian Athena
               S: Peruvian Olympus
               D: Wishes & Hemingway's Tiffany
We bought Demi Rose with White Rose at her side.  What an opportunity to add excellent females to our herd.  White Rose exhibits very fine fleece with well definedarchitecture.  We also appreciate her gentle demeanor.  We plan a Spring 2017 breeding for White Rose with our Snowmass Matrix Freedom.

Price: $10,000

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