Snowmass Matrix Freedom

Light Fawn, Male

DOB: 12/7/2007
S: Snowmasss Matrix
     S: Snowmass Quechua
    D: Snowmass Legacy's Lass
D: Snowmass Lady Liberty
     S: Snowmass Royal Reserve
    D: Snowmass EVOQ

We were very fortunate to acquire Snowmass Matrix Freedom as a replacement for our Snowmass Chaccoyo, who passed away on August 1, 2010.  We never expected to be able to find such an exquisite male to pick up where Chaccoyo left off.

For a complete description, click here for Freedom's page.

Breeding Fee: $2,000, limited breedings available

Prince Regent's Treasure of Airlie

Dark Fawn, Male
DOB: 6/19/2006
S: Enchantment's Prince Regent
     S: PPPeruvian Yupanqui 6018
     D: Enchanment's Peruvian Jennifer

D: Ameripaca's Theresa
     S: Acero Marka's Bobby
     D: Uber's Trixi

Airlie's breeding career started in the Fall breeding season of 2009, and today we have three crias, TLA's Double Trouble, TLA's Turbo, and TLA's Mia Coda (left to right, below).  They resemble each other so much they are hard to tell apart.  We call them, "The Three Musketeers."

For a complete description, click here for Airlie's page.

Breeding Fee: $1,000




Dozer is our non-breeding companion male.  He came home with Airlie and those two have been keeping each other busy ever since.  Dozer's fiber is long, dense, and soft to the hand.  He is our "Fiber Machine."

Price:  $1,500

Paul's Mojo Magic

DOB: 12/3/2007

Sire: Ubina's Rudolph Valentino
Dam: LL's Marie
     Sire: MFI Brock
     Dam: Sierra Rose

Mojo is a wonderful, non-breeding male, with a special personality and charm.  His dam died soon after he was weaned.  Our Lucita immediately stepped in and adopted Mojo as her grandson.  They were real pals.  Mojo will not be a breeding male, but will have a place with us without exception. 

Mojo's Natural Black fleece (black with some white fibers scattered throughout) is very soft to the hand, and his personal alure is undeniable.  Everyone who meets Mojo becomes drawn to him, so Mojo is our PR guy. 

Currently, Mojo lives with the older males, and holds his own very well.  The prefix of his name is taken from our main help on the ranch, Mary's brother, Paul Grove.  Paul has a special place in his heart for Mojo, so we returned the favor by adding his name to Mojo's.

Price: Not For Sale

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